PAD Defense Nitrile

PAD Defense Nitrile

Support: melange Grey 13G Nylon,spandex,HPPE, Pad defense fiber

Palm coating: black nitril

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• Melange grey nylon. Spandex, HPPE, Pad Defense fiber, Seamless knit work glove
• Back Breathable
• Palm nitril coated
• Cut protection (5)
• olis , organic substances or water hand protection
• Comfort
• Sensibility
• Dubble elastic cuff
• Sanitizable

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Tech specs

Code: 9209
Colour : melange grey/black
Packaing: pair Hanger card
PolyBag: 12 par/size
Cartone: 60 pai/size
PPE: II Category
Certification: EN388:2004 – EN420

7 white colour edge
8 yellow colour edge
9 orange colour edge
10 red colour edge

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